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Jiva Masheder

Jiva Masheder

I have had a strong meditation practice since 1997 and, on hearing about the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in 2007, felt inspired to join the Masters Programme so that I could learn to bring these transformative practices out of a Buddhist setting to benefit the wider public. I followed the teaching route at Bangor University over four years and completed my MSc under Willem Kuyken in 2014.

I have been teaching the general public in Brighton since 2009 in a private setting and I specialise in anxiety, although I have taught a wide range of people, from counsellors and coaches coming for professional development to people with terminal cancer and other chronic health conditions. I have run 35 eight-week group courses and a similar number of one-to-one courses.


  • MSc thesis under Willem Kuyken at Exeter University in 2014. My topic was 'What factors help people to establish and maintain a home practice?'

  • Foundation, Teaching 1 & 2 and Assessed Teaching Practice at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University

  • Supervision training with Jody Mardula in Feb 2015

  • Introduction to Counselling Skills (2008)

  • BA Philosophy (UCL, 1995)

Teaching-Training Specialisms

I specialise in working with the general public from all walks of life in non-work settings, and I have also taught a large number of 1-1 courses, both on the phone and on Skype, so am able to support teachers looking at making suitable adaptations for this format.

Supervision Experience

I supervise on the Exeter University post-graduate training programme and have done some private supervision also.

Supervision Specialisms

I am particularly interested in working with teachers who are working with the general public.

Personal Practice

I have had a strong sitting meditation and yoga practice since 1997 and go to Gaia House at least once a year as well as regularly spending time at Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in Sussex. My own inspiration and background is in Thai Theravada Buddhism and the modern Insight Tradition, and I also have extensive retreat experience. My inspiration comes from authors such as Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Thich Nhat Hanh and Sharon Salzberg.

Through my training at CMRP, my practice has become gentler and more exploratory, a useful shift for me. I love the rich ongoing conversation between modern psychology and Buddhist traditions and teachers and the translation into everyday language that is accessible to everyone.

Practice has been, and continues to be, transformational for me and I love nothing more than sharing that with others and supporting other teachers to do the same.

I will soon be starting the Community Dharma Leader programme though Gaia House, which I hope will deepen my understanding of skilful teaching methods in this area.

I am also a founding member of Bodhi Tree Brighton, a small Buddhist charity which offers sitting groups and retreats. I am a trustee, do the publicity, run one of the groups and manage some of the retreats.

Further Information

For several years, I mentored on Christopher Titmuss' Mindfulness Training Course, an online programme of mindfulness practices and investigation into our lives.

I also love allotment gardening and find many opportunities there to practice patience, letting go, non-striving and careful cultivation. This spring I will be leading a Mindful Gardening course on my allotment site in Brighton.

Jiva's website -  www.mindfulnessbrighton.co.uk.